What is torrent ?

What is torrent ?


what is torrent ?

Torrent is tool using peer to peer technology to help download and share any type of files and specially big files from internet,  when you download the file using torrent its actually doesn’t download the file from server but instead its downloaded from other computers and mobiles they have the file you wanted where there many free tools to help achieve that like bittorrent program and many other programs

Also its very helpful to use it specially if the file is very big not to mention its great what ever type its not to mention its great when its come to resume ability.

Note that when you have the file you wanted downloaded using one of these programs its now come your turn to upload the file for other people around the world 🙂 but dont worry you can control the upload bandwidth of uploading the files.

How to find file or movie to download using torrent ?

You can search and find any type of torrent file using Torrentz.colorask.com search engine where you will find any type of file or movie or even old tv series for free


note : torrent its useful and great but be-careful from downloading programs that may contain virus or maleware so make sure that you have anti-virus



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