Alternative sites to (Update 2020)

Alternative sites to (Update 2020)


In Aug 5, 2016 was down until now with information about the reasons,but lucky us there many mirrors over internet you can use as a good alternative

1-  (its search engine search in al thepiratebay mirrors)

its very similar to and fast and secure to search for all files been shared over internet , and it use google engine which its very strong search abilities


2- (its search engine search in al thepiratebay mirrors)

its not look like but good search engine for all files over internet, its been published this site since 2017 and its doing very well so far


On other hand there other strong proxies for thepiratebay, with good search abilites


Its getting very popular this site very fast , even thow its new mirror



its show all the fast and secure mirror of , its very good idea to add this site to your favorite list




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