The most difficult math puzzles in the world

The most difficult math puzzles in the world

Have you wonder what is the most difficult puzzles to solve will here the surprise they actually exists and not only that if you can solve any one of them you will earn 1 Million dollar.


Will was there 7 puzzles difficult to solve and no one have solve them from hundreds of years but only one of them have solved by Grigori Perelman but the surprise he refuse the one million ?!!

Where i can find these puzzles

These puzzles are under name “Millennium Problems” to check these puzzles and the description of each one and the rules to apply check out claymath organization website from here.

How to solve these puzzles

Any way that mean its remain 6 puzzles so if you good in math or physics then its your chance but may you wonder what is related between math or physics and puzzles will here another surprise that the puzzles originally its math LOL.

but maybe you wonder why there big prizes to solve one of these puzzles ? will that solve these puzzles its very important because its related to many big applications in the world its critical one of them is security in internet and money transfer on internet and many other applications.

Are these puzzle unsolvable ?

Will maybe you think these are unsolvable ? will imagine that if you can prove that any one of them unsolvable that mean you solve it LOL 🙂 .


” One equation is between you and the 1 million $ “

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