What the best foods for health ?

What the best foods for health ?

There milions of foods and recipes to eat but what the best foods for health ?

the best two food for health and earn great energy :


1- Natural honey

2- Apple cider vinegar


Natural honey

Why natural honey is the best food for health?

That because it’s contain all elements that your body need also its the only food that contain special type of sugar that doesn’t require process in your stomach that why if you eat 3 spoon of honey in the morning for example its will effect direct in blood within 30 minutes and you will have great energy all the day and that not the whole story.

Natural honey also very effective to keep you away from many diseases according to scientists they notice that its honey able to kill many bad bacteria within maximum 24 hours like magic, but no magic the secret its the honey able to absorb the water efficiently from any thing close to it where lead to kill it, also because of many elements inside honey and specially potassium element.

not only honey will help you to get great energy in the morning its also help you in the night to get deep sleep,also if you pregnant its good choice for your baby.

Why potassium element special ? will this the most effective element needed by any living organism and its doesn’t work a lone its need many elements beside it.


Apple cider vinegar

Will this may not consider as food but because of its big values inside will consider as food.

but why apple cider vinegar ? that because the apple is one the best fruits that containing potassium element with big ratio comparing to other fruits not to forget its contain many other elements.

apple cider vinegar its needed to be naturally to work . also its very effective in body specially if you have nose Nominated.



in the end these two food are the best for your healthy but that doesn’t mean to forget all other foods and fruits .


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