Computer with unlimited power is coming soon and will change the world

Computer with unlimited power is coming soon and will change the world

Will have you heard before about supercomputer ? before we start talking about the Computer with unlimited power first we have to explain what is the supercomputer.


Will the supercomputer is hundreds of computers connected together to process together as one computer.

there many supercomputers in the world check out this list .

This picture show how supercomputer look like

Ok but why supercomputer needed ?

That because there many projects and difficult algorithms and analysis like AI need million of process if its perform on normal computer its will require years to solve and maybe hundreds of years to solve, so here come the supercomputer to solve it instead of years it will solve it in days maybe but imagine the universal computer will solve it in one minute ??????

Universal computer

Will here the suprise the universal computer (Computer with unlimited power) or in other words the quantum computer its something very very powerful and beyond any supercomputer have been created before. but still the quantum computer its in first stages yet take a look at ibm q.

This picture show the ibm q (quantum computer) while the assemble it

so why the quantum computer is very unlimited power ? that because in general to solve difficult problem some time its require to try every possibility option  and to do that in normal computer its will take a lot of time but in quantum computer it will take all the options in the same time.

Now as you see its very strong ability for this computer and for this the biggest companies in the world very focus on this project like IBM,Google,Microsoft and nasa. and if they success to reach the universal computer then you have to know they very close from solve all difficult problems in the world and the AI one of them too. which mean a very big change in the world is coming too.


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